The Only Italian Word You Need to Know

When planning a trip to Italy, you will most likely hear that you only need to know one word: gelato.  While that would be nice and all I’ve found from my trips to Italy, sans language capabilities, that you really do need to know more than just that one word.  But, I digress.  If you asked Emilia, the coffee lover, she’d tell you the only word you need to know is schiuma.

What is schiuma you ask?  Word Reference (the language student’s best friend) will tell you that schiuma is:

“Foam, froth (di latte)”  source


Of course this foam can mean several things.  It could mean this:

Or it could mean this:

While the former was fun, I find that the latter appears more often in my life than foam parties tend to.

For anyone who has ever gone to Starbucks and then gone to a high quality coffee shop, the difference in schiuma quality is huge.  Good quality schiuma is definitely something I look for in coffee.

But you don’t want to hear me talk about my love for schiuma, onto l’arte di schiuma!

Cappuccino from Joe the art of coffee

Cappuccino from Espress Royale Cafe, Boston

Latte from Cafe L'Aroma, Boston

Cappuccino from Cafe Regular

Latte (front) and Cappuccino (back) from Gorilla Cafe.

Latte from Espresso Royale Cafe, Boston

Do you have a favorite foreign word?  What types of words do you want to know when you visit a foreign country?


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