Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

Mini Shopaholic   (image source)

I have a love hate relationship with the Shopaholic series.  I either read them compulsively (second and fifth ones), find them dull and abandon them halfway through (first and third) or just completely skip over them (fourth one).  My interest in the stories completely depends on the type of mood I’m in, sometimes these books perfectly hit the spot because I love Rebecca Bloomwood’s, the main character, hijinks.   The times when they bore me are because I simply cannot stand her sometimes insecure personality.  Thus, the review I am about to present to you is highly dependent upon the mood I was in whilst reading it.  And since I was reading it whilst on vacation, it was quite a good mood.

While I did not end up reading Mini Shopaholic in one go, I found the book to be a refreshing change from some of the previous stories.  Rebecca, or Becky, is a shopaholic and now she is married and has a troublesome two year-old.  This provides for a variety of hilarious scenarios, both on the part of Rebecca and her child.  If you have read the preceeding books, you will get the sense that Rebecca is growing up.  She actually has learnt something from her previous escapades.  This helps to make the book not only bearable, but highly enjoyable.

The same relationships with similar nuances exist as did in the previous books.  While this can end up dull and reptitive, Kinsella manages to give the reader a sense of comfort in the familiar motifs.  You know that Rebecca is going to be okay in the end, you know she is going to succeed.  This helps to mitigate the highly cringey moments and makes the entire book light fun.

If you are looking for a nice holiday book, this one should suit the bill.  Sure, there are issues gently touched upon, the recession and financial crisis, but they only serve as a way to make the text relevant to the reader, as opposed to opening up some great dialogue.  But then again, if you want to read a book as fun as Mini Shopaholic, you probably aren’t looking to read about polemical issues.

Ultimately, Mini Shopaholic is fun, but nothing noteworthy.  If you read the other books in the series, this will probably be of interest to you, if you haven’t, this would be a good one to pass on.  Rebecca gets herself into as much trouble as ever and always ends up smelling like a bed of roses.  Pure fun.

Have you read the shopaholic series?  Like/dislike?  Did you see the movie?


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