Interning: Lessons Learnt, Lunches Bought and What’s Next

I’ve been spending a lot of my summer working as an intern.  While I can’t say it was a dream summer because, let’s be honest, my dream summer would probably involve laying on a beach  (in Italy) with a book all day, working as an intern certainly has been eye opening.

Two things that I’ve enjoyed?  Choosing my outfits and my lunch.  Writing it down, I kind of feel like a kid getting excited for kindergarten, but what can I say.  That’s Emilia living life!

I’ve done some productive things too.  I’ve learnt that I’m really not a good office worker.  That I’m surprisingly social and that I love to talk to people all the time.  Then, I realized that I haven’t had a day that long since, well, ever.  Usually when I have to concentrate for eight hours it’s on airplane ride and even then I get bored.  Basically, it’s been an eye opening experience.  One that has affirmed that I’m a total university student.  Good thing I have three more years left!

An example of an outfit. I've worn that sweater a gajillion times this summer. Ignore the fact I'm in a bathroom.

One in which I’ve worn lots of summer dresses and cardigans….

I've eater quite a few peanut butter bagels. And yes, they've all been fantastic.

and made some interesting lunch choices…

Drank lots of coffee before "work"

not to mention drinking lots of coffee to fuel me through the day…

Vegan Turkey.

and buying lunch outside way too much.

So enjoy reading this while I’m slogging through intern style work.  And, no, I haven’t had to go on any coffee runs, though I would totally be down for that 😉

What I’ve learnt this summer?  That I have no clue what I want to do!  I’m not sure if I’m cut out for office life, yet I’m uncertain if I want a job with slightly more *ahem* flexible hours.   Luckily, when I head back to uni there will be more opportunity to figure out what I want.  Though I can’t lie and I say I kinda want to know what profession is right for me.

Have you ever worked as an intern?  What did you learn from the experience?


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