September: The Month to Embrace Yoga

I love yoga.  Taking a little bit of time out of my day to pause, center my attention on my body and practice yoga makes me feel amazing.  I know there are lots of people who feel this way; they love yoga and it makes them feel amazing.  Yet, there also seems to be a divide between people who practice diligently and people who love it, but don’t do it nearly as much as they want to.

Personally, I fall into the latter category unfortunately.

My favorite yoga book ever

I want to do yoga, I really do.  Every day it seems I plan to set aside some time to do yoga; however something always seems to come in the way.  Either there’s no room, there’s no time, it’s too hot, I’m too tired, I can’t be bothered to really focus.  No matter how much I want to do it and know it would make me feel fantastic; there’s always something in the way.

I’m sick of it.

This month I’m going to try and do yoga at least once a week.  Sure, it may not sound like much, but given the month I have ahead of me, it seems like quite a bit.

I mean, who wouldn't want that?!

From reading blogs and talking to other yoga-lovers, I know this is quite a common problem.  It’s sad how something we all seem to love gets tossed aside in the chaos that is life.  But why does this happen?  And, more importantly, what can we do to change it?

This month, I’m going to implement three changes that will encourage me to take part in one of my absolute favorite physical activities.

That’s right I believe I can incorporate yoga as an integral part of my life with only three small alterations.

My current yoga gear...looks suspiciously similar to my running gear 😉

So, what are they?

1. Attend a yoga class.

2. Focus on the poses that feel good in my body.

3. Get myself some new yoga clothing.

…and that’s it. 🙂

So, bring it on september!  This month, I’m going to truly embrace yoga.

Do you like yoga?  If so, do you practice it regularly?


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