10 Little Things, 10 Big Smiles

1.  Sunny days always put a smile on my face, they make it so much easier to go out and live life. x

2.  Croissants and coffee for breakfast are always the perfect way to start an extra special day, usually a weekend.  Especially if it is a croissant from Almondine Bakery 😉

3.  Baking anything, always puts a smile on my face.  Even more so if said recipe is vegan (because then it is safe to eat the dough, obviously).

4.  Wearing my pearl earrings.  I got my ears pierced solely so I could wear them and whenever I put them in I feel absolutely fantastic.

5.  Reading a good book, especially if it is happy and uplifting (like Pretty Little Liars!), makes me feel fantastic.

6.  Long, epic conversations with friends never cease to make my day.

7.  Dancing around to a good song like a crazy person always leaves me with a huge grin on my face.  BONUS: This is also a great way to pep yourself up during study breaks, just be sure to close your curtains! 😉

8.  Wearing my rainbow flip-flops is a surefire way to put me in a good mood.  Seriously, I just feel positively brilliant having those cuties (or comfies) on my feet.

9.  Looking at photos of Venice, especially if they are my photos, most definitely puts me in a good mood.  There’s something so magical (and I think that something is called “canals”) about that city that makes me feel like a little girl in a fairy tale.

10.  You make me happy!  Seriously, whenever I get a comment, read a good blog post or have a good and positive interaction with someone I always feel good and happy. 🙂

What makes you happy?  


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