Five Steps to Pain Free Packing (nomad edition)

I hate packing.

and making packing lists...

Okay, packing for a contained vacation might not be too bad, but the nomadic type packing that I normally engage in?  So not fun.

Because I want to pack EVERYTHING, exactly so it doesn’t feel like a vacation.  I want that sweater and those jeans, that shirt would be nice too.  And while we’re at it, I’ll just throw in a jar of peanut butter and some new sheets, ok?   That can get a bit heavy though.

And well, I live on the first floor of my new house with two staircases that are very narrow.  Not exactly going to work.

I'm going to have a patio, A PATIO (!!), I can't get over how awesome this is.

Yet, I’ve done my fair share of packing.  There are some things that, no doubt, will be helpful.  But, if you are getting yourself into that nomadic type of packing, I wish you luck!

Make and list (and check it twice!).  How many times have you think you packed away everything, only to realize you forgot that one crucial thing?  It happens to everyone.  Going through a list and crossing things off while packing can help tremendously with remembering everything you need.

Gather all of your stuff together before you start packing.  That way you won’t be running around your house (or small room) trying to find something.  Fitting everything you need into a small suitcase is already stressful enough.

The Coat. My best friend. Worn on the plane and stowed overhead.

Wear your “heavist” garments (within reason).  I don’t mean wear your rainboots on the plane, that’s just silly and uncomfortable.  Instead, wear your winter coat (and store it in the overhead bin) or your sweater, allowing you to stash more stuff into your check in.

Avoid putting books and the like into your check in.  They will send you over the weight limit.  No matter what.  There’s a reason that the kindle is so brilliant.

Don’t put anything valuable into your check in.  Just don’t.  Because you will spend the entire flight worrying about it.

Do you like packing?  What is your number one packing tip?


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