How Are You Welcoming Fall Today?

Well, it’s fall now.  Officially.  Though, those of you in New York (and really the entire east coast probably) know that the weather has been feeling very fall-like for the past week.

Where oh where did the summer go?  I ask myself this every year, but this year it literally all seemed to disappear at once.  Not cool weather, not cool.  I most certainly prefer a smooth transition into fall.

Anyway, as of sometime-over-the-atlantic, I’ve been living in the world of fall.  Am I freezing?  You betcha.  Am I trying to make the most of it?  Of course!  Though my success is slightly more debateable…

Summer, I’ll miss ya…but see you again next year.

seeing Sleeping Beauty at Lincoln Center

dining alfresco in madison square park

an awesome trip to boston

an idyllic new york summer day near madison square park

enjoying a late summer coffee at cafe regular

I hope everyone had an awesome awesome summer!  Here’s to an even better fall, if that’s possible.  I’m eager to keep sharing my adventures living life during the school year in England.

And hey, you know what’s coming soon, Christmas, woo hoo! 😉

How are you dealing with the end of summer?  What was the highlight of your summer?


4 thoughts on “How Are You Welcoming Fall Today?

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    Christmas……. soon…… arrrgghh! You are right…. the decorations will be popping up any day now. Good luck with your winter. From my years in England, I remember that English winter is actually from Sep 21st – Aug. 4th…. give or take a day or two…… 🙂

    1. Emilia Post author

      Thank you! I’ve actually already seen Christmas cards and food in the grocery stores, which is kind of shocking. 🙂

  2. survivingcandyland

    I spy newbury street. I used to live a couple of streets over on Boston University campus. Hope you had a great time in Boston. I love it there!

    1. Emilia Post author

      That’s awesome that you lived so nearby! I absolutely loved Boston, I definitely need to go back there sometime soon 🙂


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