Welcome to University Life: Crazy and Busy edition (with some fun thrown in)

The last couple days have been crazy for me.  Attempting to organize my new room, moving boxes, cleaning and generally doing crazy domestic things (like making a roast then washing up).  It’s a tough life.  Especially when you are used to the easiness of summer and being home *sigh*.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to take as many pictures as I can of the this new little life of mine, but, well, it’s not always quite straightforward.  I want to show my friends, family and everyone who I care about what’s going on.  It seems, however, that I’m always without my camera now.   Soon, I plan to take a walk with the pure goal of taking some photos.

Like one of There and Back Again Lane.  I’m not joking.  Seriously.

For the time being, here are some images of the past couple days in Emilia-ville…

It's already Christmas in England if you didn't know 😉

an awful photo of the first bits of baking done in my new kitchen...nutella mini chip cookies that got rave reviews!

a microwave protein muffin with strawberries. the muffin was huge, much bigger than it looks here

breakfast cookie dough oats with raspberries, quite heavenly

What about you?  What have you been doing the past couple of days?


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