Happy List (for happiness) #1

Have you noticed the slow down?  Yeah, I’ve been busy…I’ve been making a big decision and haven’t been able to devote the time that I want to to blogging.  I’ll let you know what’s going on soon, when everything has calmed down a bit; just sit tight a bit longer! 🙂

In the meantime here is a little happy list inspired by the rockstar diaries (seriously, one of my favorite blogs ever, go look there, now) of things that have been making me smile recently.

1. Making big decisions and finally leading my life to where I want it to go.  It’s scary and amazing and exciting.

2. Possibilities, to do new things, to go to new places and to meet new people.

3. Baking for friends and family, especially when the baked goods are better for them than they think they are.

4. Roasted parsnips, hot oatmeal and fresh berries.  Three foods I’m loving right now and can’t get enough of.  Two that are (sorta) seasonal, one that totally isn’t.

5. Making my own coffee and making coffee for other people.  Often the best part of my day, taking some time to slow down and, literally, smell the coffee.

6. Being able to wear my rainbow flip flops for the past couple of days has been brilliant.  I don’t anticipate much more time wearing them this year so I’m soaking up every last day.

7. The promise of taking french classes; I’ve always wanted to learn the language and I’m finally able to do so.

8. Trying a new, difficult, recipe and succeeding at it (like this one).  There’s no better feeling than accomplishing something you think you can’t do.

What’s been making you terribly happy recently?


One thought on “Happy List (for happiness) #1

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