Becoming A Better Baker: Introduction and Goals

It’s no secret that I love baking.  I love the process from laying out your ingredients to running out to the store when you realize you ran out of flour and I even love it when you’re mixing some dough and are terrified that the final result will taste like sandpaper.  It’s the process, it’s the journey.

Throughout my baking adventures I’ve made recipes of varying degrees of difficulty, but very few that have prompted me to say: yes!  I’m so proud of the way this turned out, I’m eager to play this recipe and make it perfect.  I fear that recently I transformed into a complacent baker, easy to give up when a recipe seems to tough or has a dizzying array of tasks.

Well, no more.

I’m making a change, I’m challenging myself to make impressive, beautiful baked goods.  No more mishapen cookies because my entire batch simply must fit onto one baking sheet.  No more sloppily cut brownies because I cannot wait for them to cool.  And most definitely no more short-cuts (buttermilk made with almond milk and vinegar?  yeah, that was never going to work).  I want to challenge myself to grow as a baker whilst attempting new and difficult things.  After all, that is the only way I will ever gain new skills.

Ready to join me on my journey?

For the rest of the year (and, hopefully, well beyond that) I’m going to challenge myself to bake better.  No recipe will be too complicated, nor too involved, nor too long.  I’m going to own my baking fails and my baking successes.

So, let’s do this!  Ready to bake bread?  Join me!  Ready to make apple pie from scratch? Come on over!  Ready to make a princess torte?  It’s on!  Let’s improve our baking together, one complicated recipe at a time.

Here are the resolutions in a bite sized form:

Do you enjoy baking or cooking?  How do you improve upon your hobby?


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