A Birthday Cake for my Mother

It was my mother’s birthday last week, so I decided to bake her a cake.  After spending hours deciding what type of cake would be best, I chose the lilac nostalgia cake from The Cake Bible.

Of course, I wasn’t content to simply make the cake as directed, despite how involved it already was.  Instead, I made a two layer cake in six inch pans with a variety of cupcakes.  My mother’s love for the size of cakes from Miette inspired the smaller-scale.

Overall, I spent four and a half hours in the kitchen (half-an-hour was spent slowly melting white chocolate), used countless bowls, too-many sticks of butter and scores of egg whites.  It was fun, it was hard and it was tiring; but it was simply one of the best cakes I have ever tasted (though I may never be able to look at white chocolate again).

I love big baking projects and this was definitely one of the biggest ones I’ve ever undertaken (except maybe for making brioche back in april…).  If you are looking for an impressive cake for a loved one, definitely turn to The Cake Bible.  I bought the six inch cake tins from NY Cake, where I also found coco butter.  For white chocolate, I used a brick of Callebaut from whole foods.

What’s your dream birthday cake?


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