Holiday Musings: The Perfect Cup of Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate.  When the weather turns a bit frigid and the holiday season begins, I’m pretty much obsessed with it.  I had a cup last weekend, garnished with a homemade marshmallow even, and it was positively heavenly.  It wasn’t necessarily fancy hot chocolate, but it was a solid simple cup, the kind that you might want to drink while reading a book on a chilly night.

I used green and blacks hot chocolate mix, about four teaspoons okay maybe a bit more.  Doesn’t it always seem that directions for making hot chocolate lead you to a cup that is more milky than chocolatey?  Always add more my friends, it is so worth it.

Now that daylight savings time has happened in both of my lovely little countries (hey England and America!), I’m happily reaching for my warm drinks and curling up with a blanket in order to stave off the impending cold.  So, go!  Grab a blanket, a book and a cup of hot chocolate for the perfect near-Christmas evening.

What is your favourite way to enjoy hot chocolate?  Do you have a favourite mix or do you make  your own?


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