Happy Fall-idays: Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

How about a pumpkin cinnamon roll on an idyllic fall day?  Sound lovely?  I thought so.  That’s why last weekend I rolled up my sweater sleeves and got to work in the kitchen.  I had been eager to make cinnamon rolls for months, but had never found the proper time to make them.

Saturday was that day.

I thought they were going to be more difficult than they were, but if you have a stand mixer or food processor and some patience they couldn’t be easier!  The most difficult part is getting the dough from wherever you knead it to the bowl in which it rises.  Other than that, well, it’s as easy as pie 😉

The taste?

Fantastic.  Though the pumpkin wasn’t overly pronounced, it was there enough to highlight the cinnamon-y goodness.  Plus, you get to infuse your house with the intoxicating smell of cinnamon sugar, what could be better than that?

While eating them warm from the oven is definitely recommended, I didn’t do that.  Still, they were fantastic and much easier to make than I had anticipated.  I used this recipe.

What is your favourite seasonal dessert to make?  Anything specific for fall?


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