Baking Fails – Floury Scones

Sometimes you have a baking fail.  Sometimes that baking fail consists of the fire alarm going off three times during the course of the adventure.  And, sometimes, you measure out two cups in tablespoons.   That’s 32 tablespoons.

The other day I set off to make scones because, well, why not?  It would provide me with an afternoon snack not to mention a breakfast.  At the time, it sounded like a total win.  Yet, sometimes best laid plans go astray.

Maybe I should have realized things weren’t quite going as plan as soon as I realized I forgot to buy the aluminum foil.  I could have also realized my impending doom as I tried to figure out what two ounces (or, more accurately for my sake, 56.699046) of butter looked like.  But I persevered.

In all honesty, the outcomes wasn’t that bad.  I’ll be eating them for the next couple of days; however I am not done with this recipe.  They won’t be served to any one and I’m not counting this as an entry into my search for the perfect scone (though I secretly have high hopes for them!), but it certainly was a hysterical, flour filled, experience.

And I’m glad to be able to share it with you.

What was your worst baking fail? mine was actually a recipe for flourless chocolate chip cookies, they basically caramellized in the oven!  they still tasted kinda good though…


4 thoughts on “Baking Fails – Floury Scones

  1. Mijahmi

    I always had baking fail !! Maybe baking isn’t my thing 😦
    I cook better than bake, but I love pastry !!!!

  2. Valerie

    I’ve been there…it’s horrible to have to use Tablespoons to measure (I lose track of number counts after about 5). 😀 The scone does look good though!

    My biggest fail was a lemon shaker pie. Without a mandolin, I was forced to rely on my collection of dull knives and an uneven counter. The pie was basically chunks of un-chewable lemon slices within a buttery crust…I did eat the crust.

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