Sunday Morning Coffee and Pastry

I don’t know whether I want to apologize about the absolute influx of baking related posts lately, or absolutely rejoice about them.  I’m having so much fun writing about my baking adventures and holding myself accountable to really improving my skills.  Yet, I do not see Emilia Lives Life as a baking blog, rather it’s a blog where I write about my life.  That being said, baking is a huge part of my life and I’m having so much fun sharing more of it with you.

Anyway, here is a non-baking related post to break up the monotony.  Last Sunday I found myself in one of my favourite places (joking), Paddington Station.  I had a long wait between until my train was supposed to leave and took the time to do a little exploring and eating.  Lucky for me, I wasn’t too jet lagged and managed to drag my suitcase around London for a bit.

Whenever I’m in Paddington, I go to Paul’s.  Think of it as a French hybrid of Le Pain Quotidien and Starbucks.  It’s kind of amazing.  I kind of love it.  No matter what time I end up going there, and truthfully it’s usually very early in the morning, I always get a macaron and a cappuccino.  Seriously, in a few more trips I will have sampled all the macarons there.

These aren’t small macarons, they’re more like a cross between the delicate yet robust macarons at Pierre Herme and a sturdy American-style cookie.  While they won’t win any votes for best macaron, they win my vote for the most fun macaron to eat.  So far, I’ve tried chocolate, raspberry and vanilla (pictured above).  The vanilla has most definitely been my favourite, quite decadent, but just dainty enough so you actually want to eat the whole thing.

Basically, when I’m jet-lagged out of my brain, all I want to do is sit down, get attacked by pigeons and eat macarons whilst drinking a cappuccino.  That’s my routine and it kinda rocks my world.

What’s one routine that you have and love?


3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee and Pastry

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