Scone Mix-Not the Perfect Scone

There was something so strange, so alluring and foreign about it.  A scone mix?  I’ll try it.  After all, I do have a secret love for boxed cakes, a pre-packaged scone mix could surprise me and turn out quite tasty.

Unsurprisingly, I was dead wrong.  I probably should have been that one coming.

They looked pretty, no doubt about that.  The scones left the oven puffy and tall.  When you pressed down to cut them, you could hear tiny air bubbles.  Maybe, I thought, these will turn out to be brilliant!

What an interesting technique, I pondered, kneading the dough for two minutes.  Even though it went against everything I have so far read about scones, maybe it would turn out to be oh-so-right.  After all, this mix is English and well, I’m just about the furthest a person can get from being British (the furthest a person can get is me two years ago before I had a UK visa, if you wanted to know).

I’m starting to believe that I have a tad bit more scone-knowledge than the mad-scientists mixing up this scone mix for Sainsbury.

Ultimately, I was rewarded with hard, dense and chemically tasting scones.  Whilst eating one you began to ponder what indeed was the indescribable taste?  It wasn’t quite sweet, yet there wasn’t that distinct flour-iness that usually is so delightful.  Frankly, they were disgusting.

Trust me, I suffered and ate several of them for you trying to piece together an adequate way to describe the taste.  I had to come to the conclusion that such words don’t exist in the English language.

Perfect scones, these are not.  But they sure were fun to make.  If you need a laugh and have 65p to spare, pick up a package.  Other than that, I’d stick to homemade recipes.

 Do you enjoy using baking mixes?  What was the weirdest baking mix you’ve ever seen?

I must admit, I quite enjoy using baking mixes sometimes!  The weirdest one I’ve ever seen was for angel delight, purely because angel delight is such an odd dessert!


One thought on “Scone Mix-Not the Perfect Scone

  1. lovelylici1986

    I reeeally don’t like mixes. I’d rather mix everything from scratch. I have found, a few times, that a mix can be doctored up REALLY well if you know what you’re doing and/or are okay with a little trial and error. Getting a mix and following the instructions? No, ma’am. I’ll pass. 🙂


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