The Crust-less Quiche: A Lesson in Simplicity

Last week, I made a quiche.  For some reason, the idea of making a quiche had been floating around in my head for days.  It sounded positively lovely, rich and flavourful.  And it was.

Originally, and ideally, I would have made the entire quiche from scratch, including some puff-pastry as that’s a challenge I’ve been wanting to tackle for quite some time now.  Unfortunately, by the time I decided to make the quiche, I was already pressed for time and had to forgo the crust.  Since I also didn’t want to go out and buy a crust (really, what’s the point?), I simply decided that this quiche would be crustless.

It was a good decision.

Although I love crusts, I feel that they can sometime overwhelm the rest of the flavours.  Without one, I really got to focus on the onions, mushrooms and herbs.  I used cremini mushrooms, but I’m sure a fancier type would taste even better.  What I loved about making this dish was the wealth of possibilities that opened up once you learnt the basic technique and process.

I used the recipe for Mushroom and Shallot Quiche from Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table.  We enjoyed the quiche with a lovely French Baguette from Almondine.  Hence another reason why we didn’t need a crust.

What was the last simple yet delicious dish you made/ate?


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