Simple Oat Scones, a solid substitute

i'm a lonely scone...

Oat scones.

They should be so good.  How can you miss with two perfect foods?  Unfortunately these scones did not meet my, admittedly quite high, expectations.

I made a tricked up version of the scones before, but wanted to try the standard version this time around.  The idea is fantastic; a simple scone with only the most basic ingredients that one always has on hand.  Not to mention, they seem like the kind of scone that, with a few minor tweaks, you could reasonably eat for breakfast without feeling like you just devoured a piece of cake.

Unfortunately, I did not have the best of luck with them.  Personally, I felt the flavor was a tad too untraditional to make this scone my perfect scone or even a real substitute.  Beyond the flavor, I also found the slightly chewy texture a bit unpleasing.  Now, this might be due to imprecise measurements, like the floury scones I made recently, but I think the dense consistency was also a factor of the ingredients.

Nevertheless, I would make these scones again.  Surprised?  Thought you might be.  My recommendation for these scones would be to swap out all-purpose flour for whole wheat, toss in some dried berries and serve them with jam.  That would make up for the lack of sweetness in the scone and complement the oaty texture perfectly.

We’re still not at my perfect scone, but I think it’s safe to say that we are getting closer.  Here’s the recipe from Eat Live Run should you want to try them out.  And you totally should.

Do you enjoy finding new ways of making your favorite foods? I most certainly do, have you ever tried gnocchi a la parisienne?  It’s like a better version of macaroni and cheese! 


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