And then came smiles and happiness

It feels like quite a long time since I wrote my last happy list.  Though any time without spending a moment to think about things that make you happy is really too long, isn’t it?  Here are the things that have been putting a big grin on my face recently…

1.  Mint tea in my christmas starbucks mug.

2.  Hot chocolate, any way, any day.  (some recipes I’m dying to try!)

3.  Mini adventures

4.  My new phone,  I finally have a phone that is not a touch screen and I can actually type a text message on.

5. Making scones with a tablespoon because even though I don’t have the proper equipment, I simply must bake.

6.  Late night writing sessions because writing is basically that worth it to me.

7. Fitting in little moments to read throughout my day, even if they are always too small.

8.  Smiling whilst walking in the rain.

9.  Trying new types of chocolate because they’re on offer.  This week it is Lindt 90% and Chilli.  Surprisingly, I’m quite partial to the chilli, though 90% will always be one of my favourites.

10.  Illy coffee, sorry Lavazza, but I’d rather spend the extra four pounds on Illy.  Maybe I’m just being loyal to Trieste or something 😉

What’s one thing (or two or three!) that has been making you happy recently?


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