The Underappreciated Saturday

Last Saturday I planned to go shopping with a friend.

We didn’t quite make it.  Instead, we ended up sitting in one of the largest Starbucks (yes, bigger than the Astor Place one) I’ve ever seen talking for quite a bit.  We ended up talking about fancy dress parties, trips we want to take, Christmas, the impossibility of actually finding anywhere that sells poppies this year (last year I swear everyone was banging down our doors to sell them, now?  nothing), house mates, rowing and snow.

It was kind of awesome.

Sometimes you just need a simple day out.  Sometimes that day needs to end up with getting a pack of percy pigs.  Sometimes drinking a Starbucks cappuccino is more fun than getting fancy coffee or making your own.

but pretend i didn’t say that.

I don’t know about you, but I find it’s so easy to get caught up in the nonstop drama that is everyday life.  It’s so tempting to focus on how stressful the holiday season is, how much we don’t want to do work or how much work we have to do that quite often the simple things that make us happy get ignored or go unappreciated.

Well, here I am appreciating the fact that I had a sunny day last week, that I found time to write a blog post, that I baked some lovely scones yesterday (once again with a tablespoon) and that I got to spend last Saturday drinking starbucks coffee with a friend and talking.

Living life doesn’t have to be overly dramatic, it just has to be appreciated.

Your turn!  Name one thing that goes underapreciated in your life    I most definitely have a hard time appreciating the fact that I’m able to study what I want and nothing else, it’s tempting to only complain when slogging through medieval italian poetry!


One thought on “The Underappreciated Saturday

  1. Kelsey

    i totally agree/ actually i just started making my saturdays more useful by getting out of the usual “head to the grocery store, run errands, feel bored” rut…its what i generally thought saturdays were all about. i love that we both hit up starbucks btw:)

    xoxo ❤


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