Sugar-Free Fruity Scones

This is the closest I have gotten to my perfect scone thus far.

Yes, I have produced amazing scones san sugar and using a table spoon to measure two cups of flour.  Go figure, it’s possible.  I certainly didn’t think it was.

These scones weren’t intended to happen.  In my perfect world, I would have had the time to find a new scone recipe that used everything I had on hand.  Of course, I didn’t have the time  needed to use up some frozen berries that were waiting patiently in my freezer.  Since I had quite liked the botched up version of these scones, I decided to have another go at them, this time a little bit more familiar with the oven I was using.

I’m so glad I did.  The recipe does call for sugar, but since I didn’t want an overly sweet scone, I decided to leave it out.  My hope was that the natural sweetness of the berries would make up for the lack of sweetner in the scones.  Although I thoroughly enjoyed the sugar-less variation, next time I would either add a tablespoon or two of sugar to the batter or sprinkle some on top.

The reason these scones are so amazing isn’t just because of the flavor.  They have a texture that is positively spot-on.  It’s slightly crumbly, extremely tender, yet still sturdy.  If you do choose to leave out the sugar, I recommend using the highest quality butter and milk you can find.  Yes, this means whole milk and probably some high-fat French butter.

I used the scottish scone recipe from Orangette and thoroughly look forward to eating many versions of these scones in my life.

What’s your take on sugar in baked goods?  Are they usually too sweet or do you like them the way they are?  Do you ever play with sugar levels when baking?

I’m not that big a fan of overly sweet baked goods.  I don’t usually play with the amount of sugar, but I definitely am going to start after this!


One thought on “Sugar-Free Fruity Scones

  1. caloricandcrazy

    I used to have homemade scones on the weekend 🙂
    they’re usually be craisins or blueberry


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