Cream Scones, does the cream really matter?

what can I say, the sun sets at around 4:30 already. natural light is a thing of the past 😦

To say I got bit messed up whilst measuring these is an understatement (if 32 tablespoons equals two cups, 24 tablespoons does NOT equal 2/3 of a cup, I hang my head in shame).  Luckily, even though I silently curse math, those fraction skills I learnt somewhere between addition and integration helped me and I caught my mistake before all was lost.

Even though these scones look similar to all the ones you have seen so far from me, they really are quite different in one major respect, they have cream.  Okay, the recipe called for heavy cream and I might have very well bought light cream, but to me the difference is quite the same.  It’s cream, these are proper cream scones now, end of story.

So, how does the taste stack up?

No doubt, they are good, though I wouldn’t call them perfect.  They are missing a certain loveable scone-iness that I have come to find in my trials.  I may have handled the dough a bit too much, but I still think that the flavour is at a greater failing than the texture.  While most scones I have made distinctly fall into the “unsweet” category, these play with your tongue.  They may be sweet, or they may have that lovely flour-y taste that is quite distinctively scone.  If your tastes lean towards the sweeter side of the spectrum, I’d make these.  If not, go with the scottish scone recipe I’ve tested before from Orangette, which are good with or without sugar.

My friends, however, did eat them all when I brought them over for dessert.  If british people like your scones, you must be onto something, no?

Do you generally bake with cream or do you avoid recipes that call for it?  I generally sub out cream for milk or yogurt depending on when/why I’m baking.


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