Something Funny Friday

I found a photography challenge whilst browsing online recently and I’ve been following it, taking a picture that relates to a certain theme every day.  While I haven’t been posting the images, the project is for me to personally challenge myself as a photographer, I’ve been collecting them in iphoto.  Each day gives me an opportunity to train my eye and look at the world in a new manner.

Today’s theme?  Something funny.

There are no shortage of funny things in England.  From travel kettles to unmarked roads to bargain priced Christmas dinners, I’ve seen quite a bit.  Some of it seemed funny at the moment, but just looks interesting in retrospect.  Nevertheless, it gave me an excuse to have a little adventure and examine my everyday surroundings in a new light.

Admittedly, I don’t trek to my university’s print services building everyday.  The photo above was taken on a random little street while I was utterly lost.  Of course, even when you are lost in England, there’s something funny to be seen.

It was one of those ‘I love England’ moments.  An idyllic little house in the middle of a bunch of new post-war architecture?  So English to me.  Such the way to put a smile and little laugh on my face.

Then, I got a chai latte.  Because no search for funny things is complete without a chai latte.

What was the last funny thing you saw?  even though i didn’t snap a photo, i thought the portable travel kettle was positively hilarious! 


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