My Little Advent Calendar

I can never find an advent calendar in America, yet in England, I’m literally tripping over them in the stores.  You can take your pick, do you want cadbury, hello kitty, cars, or something a bit more sophisticated?  Last year I went with a generic cadbury one that I even managed to drag with me back to America during the nightmare that was an inch of snow at Heathrow.

This year, I was tempted to go for Hello Kitty, though managed to dissuade myself and opted for something a bit more sophisticated.  After all, hello kitty may be cute, but she’s not very Christmas-y.

Okay, this advent calendar is supposed to be a card, but it looks just perfect siting on my, quite cluttered, desk.  Instead of opening it up to get a mediocre chocolate everyday, I get a lovely Christmas image.  A better deal, in my opinion.

Advent calendars are one of those small things that allow me to focus on Christmas a little bit every day during December, no matter how crazy my day may be.  Though, I have been playing Christmas music as soon as I get up, so I think I’m doing quite the good job reminding myself about the holiday season!

Do you have an advent calendar this year?  What do you do to put yourself in the holiday spirit?


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