Eggnog: Non-alcoholic (so I can make it at home too!)

One of the most surprisingly difficult things about shipping myself back and forth between America and England is the difference with the drinking age.  I don’t drink that much, but it’s nice to be able to go out and buy some vodka or champagne or cider whenever you need/want to.  Then, in America, I’ll make a comment about getting alcohol only to realize that I can’t.  Great.

Don’t get me started on waiter’s attitudes towards not serving me in America.  It always seems like they are belittling you!  Not that I necessarily want to drink the world’s worst wine, thank you very much, but when you are used to getting served, it’s difficult to go back.

Anyway, you don’t want to hear about my opinions on drinking (and that my 21st birthday will be in Italy, oh the irony), you’re interested in the eggnog.  And I don’t blame you, it’s good stuff.

I don’t think I had actually tried eggnog until making this recipe.  I had a vague idea of what it tasted like (definitely not like legnog), but nothing certain.  Of course, it’s rich, spicy and subtly sweet.  In a word, decadent.  Perfect for the holidays when you’re sick of all that hot chocolate.

Sometimes when faced with a recipe that involves a copious amount of heavy ingredients, I alter the recipe to make it a bit healthier.  I didn’t this time, for a variety of reasons.  After all, it’s the holidays!  I deserve to live a little, don’t I?  Now, I have a little jar of heavy cream sitting in the over-crowded communal refrigerator.

Well, that and some delicious eggnog.

You could choose to make it with the rum, but I left it out and opted instead for a little rum flavoring to give it an extra kick.  Delicious.

I used this recipe from A La Carte, which involved cooking the eggs.  Even though some people feel it’s not necessary, it seems a wise precaution to me and doesn’t alter the amount of time you’ll invest into the recipe that much. It’s simple and quick, perfect for when you’re having guests over in a flash!

Do you like eggnog?  How do you feel about getting carded for alcohol?


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