Decorating the Season: Christmas Lights

I love Christmas lights.  They make everything seem more special, ligh tposts, the middle of the street or even houses become awash in holiday cheer when bathed in elaborate displays of fairy lights.

England has lovely Christmas themed lights, which always makes me burst out into a huge grin at their pointed Christmas, rather than general holiday, theme.  Walking down the street and seeing Merry Christmas across the road inspires happiness in my heart.  Seeing a Christmas tree in harbourside or Trafalgar Square makes me laugh like a little kid.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the winter-themed decorations.  I enjoy seeing snowflakes on lamp posts, be in Bath or New York.  Looking up in the evening and seeing snowflakes adorning the sky in an etheral manner is breathtakingly beautiful.

Even though I enjoy every manner of holiday lights and decorations, I’m finding blue lights to be everywhere this year.  They’re lovely and all, but the little kid in me will always prefer gaudy colored lights, preferrably with a few Santa Claus images thrown in for good measure.  Because really, why not?

I took the above photo in Trafalgar Square on Sunday Evening.  The water fountains were changing color and the tree was in the center, flanked by some choral singers.  The entire atmosphere was lovely and festive, especially after some mulled wine from the Real Food Festival and a walk along the Thames.

Now I’m in New York and eager to see the holiday decorations of my childhood.  Gaudy windows at Macy’s, fairy lights strung up around trees and snowflakes on lamp posts; they will always mark Christmas to me.

What are your favorite type of Christmas lights? 


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