On Christmas Morning: part five

the one photo I have of Ireland, can you see the two languages on the sign in the upper right hand corner?

20th December 2010

I like to run, but I’m not that great at it.  The fastest I’ve ever run was through Heathrow, though, admittedly, that was with the help of some moving walkways.  I pushed myself and expended every last ounce of energy I had within all five foot three inches.  After seeing the entirety of terminal one, or at least what felt like it, I arrived at my gate gasping for breath.  I felt like I could collapse, but I made it.  We were almost there.

Boarding began soon after.  We got on the flight there was little enforced order, but everyone was remarkably calm.  I’ve been in normal flying circumstances where people are much more nervous than they were during that day.  It was exciting to be on the plane, but nothing would be promised until we took off.  We waited, finally, the doors were closed and, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

When I woke up, we were in the air, we were going to Dublin!  If I got there, I thought, I would get home.  We would get on the flight, we had to.  My mother had said that Dublin airport was quite small, I would be able to run through it no problem.

I don’t know if the flight was exceptionally short or I was asleep for most of it, but no sooner than we had taken off were we landing in Dublin airport.  It was quite exciting, not to mention, we had to go through immigration, so I now have a stamp for Dublin in my passport.  That’s right, I’ve been to Ireland.

After that, I ran.  My bags would (hopefully) be transferred to my flight without any need for me to check in again.  I ran as fast as I could, pausing only to think about how I would finally be able to tell my parents there was a good reason to have  a variety of currencies in your wallet at any one time.  I filled out an American landing card, technically entering the country before getting on the plane, and made my way to the boarding area.

I couldn’t find fast track and didn’t have time to stop in the business club lounge, but I did immidiately enjoy my cushy seat upon boarding.

Now, I spent about six hours in that seat, many of which were spent sleeping.  I know, impressed right?  The seats in business class were the perfect mix of cushy, but not excessive.  I had previously flown business class on Air India, which felt like a total joke.  The seats were so cushy that you couldn’t actually sit down in them.  These, however, were perfect.

Sitting down, it suddenly dawned on me that I was tired, hungry and needed some lip balm (I am, however, in a permanent state of needing lip balm).  Well, what would you know, at that very moment, a flight attendant walked by, offering me a bottle of water and a snack.  Perfect.

I then got down my bag, with my l’occitane lip balm.  On the seat next to me?  A L’Occitane sampler with that exact lip balm in it.  I was clearly in for a heavnely flight.

It just needed to take off.

Have you ever flown business class?  What was your experience doing so?


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