Dreams of Sugar Plums

I always thought sugar plums were sugared plums.  On our tree, we have an ornament of a glittery plum, no doubt what the common Christmas-celebrater thinks of as a sugar plum.  Of course, we’re all wrong.

Apparently sugar plums are much more like that larabars and other date-based desserts we are used to eating.  Personally, I find the reality of sugar plums much more dream inducing than the fantasy I had about them.  The idea about plums drenched in sugar sounds a bit blah and overly sweet.  Now, dates, honey, almonds, apricots and a variety of christmas-y spices blended up?  That sounds heavenly.

I’d been eyeing the recipe to make these for quite a while.  By that, I mean that I found the recipe one day whilst avoiding working on my presentation about student housing in Italy.  I would have immediately hopped down to the kitchen if it wasn’t for two things:  if I didn’t think it would be in an absolute state and if I had a food processor.  Yes, you could chop everything by hand, but having a food processor will make these much more delightful.

Although they are an amazing holiday dessert, I could see myself wanting to make them even outside of December.  Not only are they a perfect way to complement your Christmas cookie box, but they also aren’t sugar laden.  Perfect for when you’ve eaten your weight in peppermint bark and gingerbread, no?

I used this recipe from.  Since I had a limited amount of almonds I halved the recipe and got about fourteen sugar plums that were a little bit less than a tablespoon in size.  Make them this Christmas and you’ll have a new recipe to incorporate into your holiday rotation!

Have you ever had a sugar plum before?  What is your favorite Christmas/Seasonal dessert?


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