Monmouth Coffee Company

I had two days in London and somehow I managed to limit myself to only two coffees.  Impressed?  I am.

Now, I could include them both in one post and, let’s be honest, that would probably be the most sensible thing to do.  But, they were two amazing coffees that deserve their time in the spotlight.

I found out about Monmouth Coffee Company while reading Orangette.  I wasn’t even planning to go to London before coming home at this point, but made note of it, certain that I would be in London and wanting some top-notch coffee at some point (I also was interested in St. John’s Bakery, but didn’t see any more of them than their stall in Selfridge’s, the sample of bread I had was fantastic).  Suddenly, I had a first great western confirmation number with my name on it and a reason to go to Monmouth Coffee Company.

They are known for their beans and you can buy them at the front of the store.  I went to their location that was a bit aways from Covent Garden, purely because it was the most convenient for me.  If I was to go back, however, I would certainly choose another location purely to explore a bit more.

Since they are primarily a coffee roasting company, I decided to go away from my inclination to order a latte and went for one of my favorite drinks that is so rarely done well, a café au lait.

I had faith in this one, however, and luckily they did not disappoint.  It was a good drinkable, yet complex cup.  You didn’t feel as if you were drinking the world’s most precious cup, you didn’t feel as if it was an event that needed to be treasured.  Instead, I felt that I was drinking an au lait that was full-bodied and avoided that dreaded watery taste that can so often happen.  Not only that, but the coffee flavour struck the perfect balance between bitter, sweet and fruity.  The harmony between the different sensations was nearly spot on.

Why nearly?  Personally I prefer a slightly darker roast, but enjoyed tasting something a bit lighter.

If you are ever in London and in need of a good coffee, do seek out Monmouth Coffee.  They have three locations.

What is your favorite place to get high quality coffee where you live?

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3 thoughts on “Monmouth Coffee Company

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    1. Emilia Post author

      That’s so cool! How lucky you were to have Monmouth as your local coffee shop. Hope you had an awesome time in London 🙂


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