30 Day Photo Challenge: Where I Sleep

I finished the challenge quite a bit ago now and though I originally intended to keep the my photos for myself, I saw my photographic ability to grow so much that I had to share my favorite shots.  Some  were taken in haste, but some of them look like quality photos.  Looking at them side by side in iphoto, I see a distinct progression of my skills and that’s really exciting me.

Admittedly, when you trade up from a camera with a smudged lens, everything looks like a good photo.

This is where I sleep when I’m at university.  I don’t live in a university accommodation any more and thank goodness for that.  Instead, I get the joy, stress and craziness of living in a house with four other people.  Some are friends, some aren’t, but they are always interesting.

My room is the smallest of the lot, but I like it.  Since it is so small amount of belongings I have in England look like a lot more than it is.  Not to mention, it’s definitely warmer because of its diminutive size.  I can put my feet on the radiator when sitting on the desk.  I like that.

Despite the wee-ness, my bed is a double bed.  The comforter is from Pottery Barn and looks completely sophisticated and luxurious to me.  When I slip into the crisp white sheets, I could be in a boutique hotel instead of a simple student house.  If I decide to read in bed, I can sit against the wall and extend my legs along the length of the top of my bed, allowing the rest of the bed to be cool when I get in between in the covers.

And that’s where I sleep.

Do you like your room?  How do you make your space feel completely perfect for you?


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