Making Your Own – Moka Coffee Revisited

I’ve made it no secret that I love coffee and think that the moka pot is the best option when it comes to home brewing.  There is a reason that these iconic machines are so popular in Italy!

This year for Christmas one of the gifts I received was a lovely white moka pot.   No matter that I already have a traditional silver one, the white one will make an excellent addition to the collection.

Yes, collection.

So, I’m sure you can understand why I want to go and make some coffee right now.  In fact, I think you should start brewing your own coffee to save money in the new year.  Not only can it be much cheaper, it’s also a lot of fun!

Besides, it’s not too difficult to make your own perfect cup.  While I am most definitely not there yet, I do find that I am ever creeping closer to my ideal coffee.  Though it sounds logical,  the best way to learn is trial and error.  Sometimes I forget that when reading article after article about the perfect cup in a fit of procrastination.

So what are my, admittedly not expert, suggestions?

This is the best guide I have found yet for making a good moka pot.  Although it prescribes a technique that is quite different from the rest out there, I find that it makes the most consistently delicious cup.

-If buying ground coffee, try to look for a moka grind.  This will produce the most coffee with the least bitter flavor as you won’t find yourself cooking the coffee at the end.

-Invest in a coffee scoop, it really allows you to put as much into the filter basket as you need to.

-Heat up your milk!  Ideally, over medium-low heat on a stove top judging the heat with a themometer.  How hot depends on what you plan to do with your milk, I usually scald it as I don’t plan on frothing milk, but it’s easy to froth your own milk.

-Try and try again.  You won’t get it perfect the first time, heck even after several tries you may be brewing cups that only deserve an eeh, sometimes I make cups that are utter and complete fails.  But when you make a good cup, oh will you make a good cup!

Do you enjoy making your own coffee?  What is your favorite way to make coffee?


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