New Year, New Goals

Hello there 2012!

Frankly, I can’t believe 2011 passed so quickly, or was it slowly?  I’m not to sure come to think of it.  There were moments that sped by and moments that sure dragged, but no matter.  It’s a new year and for many people a brand new start.

I’m not that big a fan of resolutions.  I prefer to live every day with little goals and resolutions, today I will read two articles in Italian or today I will run three miles, instead of large ones that take an entire year to accomplish.  Because, let’s be honest, do you even remember what your resolutions were for 2011?  I probably made some, but I sure don’t remember what they were.

Still, there are little ways I hope to improve in 2012, ways that I try to incorporate into my every day life anyway.  You know, start every day with a cup of tea, make more things on my own as opposed to buying them or read.  I like to read.

In 2012 some of the small goals that I hope to accomplish include:

-learn how to convert between fahrenheit and celsius

-travel more within England

-eat and cook more whole grains

Yet, there are some bigger ideas which I hope to accomplish.  The words that I want to define my goals and direction for 2012?

Challenge and Adventure

Given my year abroad, I don’t think I’ll have a choice about taking on some challenging adventures next year.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Do you believe in new years resolutions?  What is one of your goals for the new year?


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