Cafe Grumpy: the latte latte

The first thing I spent money on in 2012 was coffee, a latte from Cafe Grumpy to be more precise.  Typical Emilia and probably a good indication of what I’ll be spending money on this year…

Sometime last year I heard about Cafe Grumpy and had been meaning to try it ever since.  What kept me from doing so?  I didn’t know where it was and when I finally did set out to find it, nearly missed the cafe.  The one I went to was quite poorly marked.  Though upon going inside, it seemed as if the lack of a proper sign was simply an extension of their decor statement.

Minimal.  The actual cafe didn’t have much seating, only a single table at the front with four tall seats and a small bar in the back with three stools, but the space was clean and streamlined.  In fact, if Joe and Kaffeine had a child, the cafe they opened up would look like this.  Simple and slightly rustic with a metallic edge.

When I go to new cafes I like to give them a chance and order a latte.  The thinking behind this?  I like my lattes with a bite, I want to taste the coffee, but I cannot handle the bitterness of a proper cappuccino.  If I end up at an excellent cafe (think Stumptown or Kaffeine) than my latte should be the perfect marriage between bitter coffee and sweet frothed (whole) milk.  On the chance that I find myself in a cafe that doesn’t have such exacting standards, my latte will lean towards the milk side of the flavor spectrum.

My latte at Cafe Grumpy didn’t fall squarely into either category.  The first sip was nearly excellent, I got a hit of coffee that was backed up by sweet warm milk.  After several sips, however, I began to wonder if I was drinking warm milk or a latte.  This wasn’t the best latte, but it was good.  Besides, I pain $4 for a twelve-ounce cup.  That’s not too bad.

If you are in the neighborhood of a Cafe Grumpy, I’d recommend trying it out and ordering a cappuccino.  I want a coffee taste and felt that although my latte was very nearly there, it missed the ball.

What’s your go-to drink at a new cafe?  Do you prefer a latte or a cappuccino?

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