Blueberries and Cream Cookies

When I first saw the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook at Barnes and Nobles, I knew exactly what I was asking for for Christmas.  I’ve only visited the milkbar a couple of times but have loved each and every dessert I got from there.  The innovative flavors, the unique combinations and, most importantly, the new techniques make their desserts stand-out amongst the other exemplary offerings in New York.

On one of the few occasions I’ve been to the Milk Bar, I’ve always had to pick up a blueberries and cream cookie.   Not only do they taste excellent, I simply love the idea.  As a kid, I thought blueberry poptarts were out of this world.  These cookies run with that flavor.  They aren’t overwhelmingly blueberry and don’t hit you in the face with their artificiality like a poptart; instead they have a rich and satisfying chew.

For me, the process of making the cookies became one of the most enjoyable aspects of having them in my own home.  They’re not exactly simple, they involve chilling, a long mixing time and making the famous milk crumb, but none of the steps are particularly taxing.  In the recipe, all the ingredients are given in grams (as well as cup measurements, if you don’t have a scale); I decided to weigh the entire recipe and the results were beautiful.

Admittedly, I think my oven might have been a wee bit too hot, resulting in overly browned bottoms, but other than that my cookies baked up beautifully despite the extra tablespoon of cornsyrup.  They had the distinctly chewy texture I was looking for.  They smelt amazing (I was encouraging everyone to smell their cookies, that’s not too strange at all now is it…).

If you are looking for a unique cookbook and one that poses an exciting baking challenge, check out the cookbook for Momofuku Milk Bar.  The recipes are unlike any other that are available in other books out there.  Next up on my list?  The chocolate chip layer cake.  Is anyone else obsessed with the passion fruit/chocolate combination?

I thought so.

What’s your favorite cookbook?


2 thoughts on “Blueberries and Cream Cookies

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