Gimme! Coffee

Even though I grew up in New York and have had plenty of time to explore the entire city, I regret to say that I’ve only seen a tiny fraction of it.  The parts that I’m familiar with?  There’s even less of those around.

I’m working on changing this, however, one coffee at a time.  You see, there’s not a lot of motivation for me to just get up one day and go walking around Nolita.  What’s the point?  I would have to take too many subways to get there.  I wouldn’t have anything to do.  I would freeze to death in the New York winter.

Luckily, I’ve found that the promise of trying a new cup of coffee lures me out of my house and into new neighborhoods more often than not.  There’s something about the adventure mixed with safety.  I know I like coffee and I know I’ll have something to do.  Total win, right?

Of course, this had led to some less than stellar coffees, but I’ll let those slide.  All in the spirit of exploring, right?


That’s how I found myself at Gimme! Coffee in Nolita one Thursday Morning at eleven am in January.  Just late enough to avoid the morning rush, but enough time for the baristas to be in prime mode before the afternoon.  I knew where I was nearly straight away when I saw the distinctive red sign and people carrying out paper cups of coffee.

There really isn’t much ambiance to speak of with Gimme! Coffee and frankly, there doesn’t need to be.  The cafe is simply an espresso bar with minimal room for sitting or standing.  You go in, walk to the back, order, wait for your drink and leave.  Don’t go here if you are looking for somewhere to sit for a while and muse over life.

Of course, since there wasn’t much to speak of for the actual cafe, the coffee would have to hold it’s own.  Luckily, after a string of eeh coffees, I found a lovely latte.  Rich, sweet with the distinctive coffee bite, oh it was heaven!  I was also pleasantly surprised when the drink came in a 12-oz cup.  For $4, I sure felt like I was getting what I paid for.  It was the kind of drink I would have preferred to linger over, but I can’t complain.  My plan was to walk around anyway.

If you are looking for an excellent cup of coffee and want to go to Nolita, or venture a bit up from Soho, I highly recommend Gimme!  Coffee.  Simple and high quality coffee, just as it should be.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy coffee?

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