Traveling in 2012

I love to travel.  I hate flying.

Even though I fly all the time, I find that I rarely properly travel.  Hopping on a plane is not the same as entering into a new world that involves a map, getting lost and stimulated senses.  Last year, despite some trips to Paris and Boston, I rarely traveled.  Instead, I just took a lot of plane rides.

This year?  This year I’m going to travel and probably take the same amount of plane rides (unfortunately).  But when I’ve landed, when I know that my feet will be on the ground in country x for a couple months, that’s when the real traveling will begin.

I’ve long believed that you don’t need to take a long haul flight or drive for hours to explore a new area, but I’ve not always been the best at putting this idea into practice.  It’s easy to get bogged down by life, sleeping late, essays and lazy Saturdays with friends and end up forgetting about travel.  But with some planning, with some goals, there’s no reason we can’t do both.  Sleep late and explore new places.

So when I wake up in Bristol in February, I’ll be sure to make some time to take the quick trip to Wales I’ve long thought about.  When it’s March and I can’t take another moment of writing essays, I’ll go somewhere else in Southern England to stimulate my senses.  Come July when I’ve grown bored of New York (believe it or not, it happens), I’ll think of some new place in the East Coast that I’ve yet to see.  And even in November, when I’m in Italy, I’ll go over to Milan or to one of the lakes, and escape that small university town in which I’ll be studying.

Yeah, I may have some adventure built in to my 2012 with studying abroad in Italy, but I’m going to spend the entire year exploring, no matter where I am

Who’s in?

What steps are you taking to have an exciting 2012?


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