The Greene Grape

I didn’t mean to go here.  Let me rephrase that, it was a happy accident ending up getting coffee here.  I nearly typed cafe, but that wouldn’t exactly be accurate.  There is a cafe, but I didn’t go there.  Mostly by mistake, but it was a happy one.

Originally, I intended to go to Milk Bar in Prospect Heights.  Well, I walked and I walked and I walked, but I didn’t see it.  Maybe I passed it.  Maybe it wasn’t well marked.  Maybe I was just rocking out to 1973 too much in my head that I completely missed it.  All entirely probable.

Once I realized that I wouldn’t be going to Milk Bar, I picked up my spirits and consulted the absolutely amazing iphone app NyTimes Scoop and saw the was near WTF coffee.  Or, it looked near on the teeny tiny map.  I walked and I walked and I walked but I wasn’t even near the street on which the cafe was.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

I was lost, completely and totally.  After a bit of walking around in a freaked out haze, I realized I was in Fort Greene. Oh, I thought, I know this neighborhood.  So, I began reorienting myself.  Through this surprisingly complicated process I saw it.  WTF coffee, closed.


There were a few moments of deliberation, most of which occurred during a lovely jaunt through Fort Greene park (it’s a lovely park, you should definitely check it out if you are ever in the neighborhood!).  I decided to walk over to the Greene Grape, a cafe which was on my very much loved app.

Since I had spent quite a bit of time in this neighborhood over the summer, I had gotten quite a few lunches at this little grocery store.  I knew they had a spot to get coffee on the side and assumed that this was the place which the app was discussing.  I went, ordered a cappuccino and sat myself down on one of the lovely benches outside.

Across the street there was the Greene Grape Annex. That was the place which was listed, not the stand in the grocery store.

Nevertheless, the coffee was surprisingly good.  Too hot, yes, but dark and full-bodied.  If you are in Fort Greene and need coffee, go there.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised, too, I think.

What’s the best surprise you’ve found when traveling?


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