I don’t really know how to pronounce their name.  This makes it just a bit difficult telling people how much I loved their coffee.  I can barely say the name without feeling like an uncultured idiot.  Well let me tell you now, I love the coffee at Abraço.  For the record, I think it might be pronounced: ah-bra-syo.  We’re working on it over here.

I’d been hearing about Abraço ever since I started really getting into the New York coffee scene.  They are frequently referenced as pulling some of the best shots in the city, or at least some of the most notable.  Part of this fame, though not undue for the coffee, comes from their unique selection of baked goods and their hole-in-the-wall storefront.

There’s basically no room to sit inside and hardly enough space to fit in everyone who wants to order coffee.  If you go there during peak-coffee times, there will be a line stretched well outside.  Yet, amazingly, the baristas still manage to pull exceptional shots, taking time to craft each drink, making you feel well-cared for.

Part of the appeal of Abraço is the lack of formal seating inside.  Instead, they have a tall wooden bar and bench set up straight outside the shop.   While I was initially wary of this set-up and wondered how it would impact my relationship with the cafe I must say that I loved it.  Instead of focusing on the constructed decor of a cafe I was truly able to focus on the quality of coffee.  Not to mention, there was great people watching.  Who doesn’t love that?

Though Abraço may not be for everyone, the coffee is fantastic and well worth the trip.  And if you aren’t going to make a trip for the coffee, then head there for the intriguing treats.  Cured olive cookie?  Olive oil loaf cake?  I got the cardamom bun.  I’m still reeling from the greatness.

Do you enjoy dining/drinking al fresco?

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