Macarons from Mille Feuille

One of my favorite websites is Serious Eats.  In particular, I love the taste tests.  Who hasn’t wondered which is the best creamy peanut butter?  Or what the best chocolate chips are to bake with?  Or what the best macarons are in New York?

Yeah, that last one got you, didn’t it?

At their suggestion, I tried François Payard Bakery and found their macarons less than enchanting.  The colors were a bit too bright, the flavors a bit too plastic and the texture a bit too crisp.

Not one to be deterred (good thing about that, too), I found myself at Mille Feuille, a lovely little French bakery in the West Village, the next day.  Since I’m cool and read about the best desserts in New York all the time, I had heard quite a bit about this place.  Caramel macarons are one of their specialties, even a better reason to stop by.

Though these macarons weren’t quite as decadent or powerful as ones from, say Pierre Herme or Laduree, they were pleasant alternative.  The exterior meringue shell was crispy on the outside, slowly giving way to a soft, dense interior.  I tried a caramel (on the top right corner) and a passion fruit (top left) while my mother had a rose (bottom) and a caramel as well.

Overall, we both really liked them.  The shells were nearly perfect, the fillings high quality and the flavors pretty much spot on.  The caramel was definitely the most decadent of the group, it was deep and rich.  But the passion fruit was bright and not overly sweet.  Macarons are always pretty pricey, these were about $2.25 per macaron, but if you are looking to get some American made, these are a fantastic option.  If you are simply looking for the best quality, however, head to Laduree.  Because why not?

I will definitely be heading back to Mille Feuille to try a croissant (and possibly a mille feuille) as soon as I get back to New York.  The store is too adorable not to return!

ALSO This is my 150th post (yeah, I missed 100th, oops)!!  Excitement!  So get a macaron from Mille Feuille to celebrate, since I can’t get one right now. 😉

Have you ever had a macaron?  If not, what flavor would you want to try?

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