La Colombe

There are a couple of things I don’t understand about coffee.  The first one is why anyone decided that instant coffee would be a good idea.  The second, why people continue to buy (and drink) instant coffee.  But, far and beyond, one of the most confusing aspects of coffee is cafe locations.  They just don’t make sense.

Now, don’t get me wrong, La Colombe has three excellent locations in New York—Tribeca, Soho and Noho, to be exact—it’s just that, two of the cafes are less than five minutes walking distance from each other on Lafayette street.

I don’t really understand.

But there are, however, somethings about coffee I do get.  I understand, for instance, that some places just make good coffee.  Abraço and Stumptown, for example.  I also understand that, sometimes, you find a cup of coffee you love even though it’s not the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had.  That’s La Colombe.

I’ve had their beans before at Cafe Regular in Brooklyn, but since those shots aren’t exactly expertly pulled I decided that I had to try their cafe in Noho.  When I took that first sip of cappuccino, I knew it wasn’t the best one I’d ever had.  It was way to milky for one thing.  Yet, I just loved the taste.  The coffee was bold and bright against the creamy milk.  I wanted the cup to last and last.

While I’m not going to tell you to order a latte, I am going to say that you need to go there.  Ideally right now.  After all, they have three cafes, roast their own beans and supply a number of cafes in the area.  They are definitely one of the cafes to know in New York.  They also have cafe locations in Philadelphia and Chicago, if you can’t make it to Soho.

Another thing I’m a bit confused by, they’re opening a location in Seoul soon.

And I’ve been enjoying my Savoia beans ground for Moka immensely.  In fact, I will may cry when I run out and have to switch to lavazza.

Do you have a favorite cafe or restaurant that serves good food, even if it isn’t the best?

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3 thoughts on “La Colombe

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  2. Todd Carmichael

    Todd here, one of those guys from La Colombe. Locations? Hmmmm I don’t know either. Just cuz, well, when we looked for another location, we walked from the last. Taste: we love gentle and delicate tastes, not rushed, no over bearing, like a nice conversation. Its no really about us, or what we can do with beans, but you. We serve customers, not coffee.

    Thanks for the love. (Love your writing voice btw – nice, real, and gentle too.)

    Todd Carmichael

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