Buttermilk Scones (another one!)

It’s been a while since I last made scones, but I didn’t forget about them over the interim.  Instead, I was reunited with my hand mixer, then received a stand mixer for Christmas (!!) and bought more packages of yeast than I ever thought possible.

Seriuosly, don’t ask me how many I’ve gone through since I got my Kitchen Aid.  It’s an obscenely high number.  And I’m kind of loving it.  There’s nothing quite like homemade bread I’ve found out.  Though there’s especially nothing like homemade red quinoa bread.

Of course, sometimes I do find the need to give the mixer, stand or hand-held, a break.  Scones are perfect for that.  Made entirely by hand, they are the essence of simplicity.  But don’t let that fool you.  There is a delicate process involved in scone mixing.  A process that I have succeeded at sometimes and failed more times than I care to mention.  I may like sugar-less scones, but my housemates who eat canned spaghetti o’s and put sugar on their wheetabix don’t.

These scones, however, were a resounding success.  They were a bit different from your traditional buttermilk scone, with hints of lemon in the body and sugar coated top.  Though I would normally eschew this break from the standard buttery flavor, these turned out postively lovely.  More so than any other scone I’ve made yet, they would fit in perfectly with a delicate tea.  Perhaps some vanilla or english breakfast?

I got the recipe from one of my new favorite cookbooks, Baking With Julia.  The book has been a source of inspiration for me as I strive to challenge myself with my baking; croissant, brioche, choux paste or yeasted breads.  The book has it all and lays out the recipes in a straight-forward manner that will lead you to a resounding success.  I highly recommend you look for it!

And have a scone while you sit down to page through it, they really are that good.

Do you like scones or do you prefer muffins?


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