Ground Support – a warm cup on a cold day

It was cold.  That, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately depending on how you look at it), was the primary reason I ended up at Ground Support one cold January morning.  The windows glowed with an inviting warmth and seats that seemed cozy, relaxing.  Not to mention, one of my favorite itouch apps told me they had good coffee. I just wasn’t prepared for how good it would actually be.

As soon as I walked in, I was impressed by their well-laid out seating.  Sometimes I’m shocked by how few cafes give thought as to how to accommodate their customers.  Like Root Hill in Brooklyn; they have a huge room, but their seating is basically a single communal counter.  Ground Support had two ample rooms filled with long, low benches in the center and even more benches surrounding the sides of the cafe.  It was great.  The kind of place you could go to in order to sit and read without worrying that you’d have to get your coffee to take away.

The second point in their favor was the size of the cups.  Sure, sometimes I enjoy getting a twelve ounce cup of coffee, but, call me crazy, I greatly prefer a high-quality eight ounce cup.  There’s something about the small amount of concentrated pleasure and good taste that is immensely satisfying.

Ground Support’s latte was that high-quality eight oz cup.  Small, concentrated, yet milky and decadently rich.  There was the perfect balance between sweet milk and rich fruity coffee.  I was worried that my latte might end up being a flavorless ode to dairy farms, but it certainly wasn’t.  My mother ordered a cappuccino and while it did taste suspiciously similar to my latte, it was still good. A coffee that I would go out of my way to drink.

All in all, a total win for Ground Support.  I love the coffee, I loved the ambiance and I loved the location (I adore west broadway).  The next time I head over to Soho, I’ll be sure to pick up my coffee there!

Do you prefer a large or smaller cup of coffee?  Strong or weak?

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