I Walked Along Bleecker Street

not exactly on bleecker street, but it's dog parking! *nerd alert*

Sometimes, I get crazy ideas.  Going to school in England.  Making super-thick shortbread cookies.  Packing only new shoes on a trip.

Or walking the entire distance of Bleecker Street.  Wait, that seems a bit tame compared to the ones listed above.  Oops.

When I was back home for the holidays, I got in the habit of trying a new cafe, then spending the rest of the day walking around whatever neighborhood I ended up in.  When I went to La Colombe Torrefaction in Soho, my neighborhood was the West Village .

Technically I didn’t start there.  I found the very beginnings of Bleecker Street on the East Side, by Bowery and then set off.  I wasn’t quite sure how long it would be, Bleecker street is about a mile for the record, nor did I know what exactly I would see.

There are quite a few interesting things you’ll encounter.

Le Pain Quotidien has a large cafe with huge glass windows that open up onto their bakery so you can see the chefs making bread.  I could have watched this for a couple hours.

Though everything seems cool and posh at first, you slowly begin to descend into cheap NYU night life.  You know, the kinds of places that get Cs on their Sanitary Department assessments.

There’s John’s Pizza of Bleecker street.  I used to like it, but last time I went there the sauce tasted so sugary that I’m kind of over it.

Near John’s Pizza, however, is Risotteria.  An amazing teeny-tiny little restaurant that serves fantastic risotto.

Finally, you will also see posh high end shops.  Including the most brilliantly placed Marc Jacobs store ever.  The location just completely evinces his sensibility as a designer; cool and quirky, yet still high-end and sophisticated.

So, walking along Bleecker street?  It was a total, short, success.  You should definitely do it sometime.  Then take a detour to get some awesome macarons.

If you have been to New York, did you have a favorite neighborhood?  If not, how do you enjoy exploring your own hometown?


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