Garlic and Keeping to your Roots

This is one of my new favorite meals.  And, yes, it involves garlic.  Not a lot, mind you, but it’s a critical component.  I was making this as a quick lunch last Sunday before settling down to watch Dead Poets Society with a friend  and nearly didn’t bother with adding the garlic.  Too much work.

Then, I heard my mother’s voice admonishing me for not putting in the garlic.  You see, my mother is the most passionate supporter of garlic I’ve ever met.  She loves it.  Large pieces adorn our sauteed greens, roasted garlic is spread on toast (when it’s around) and we always have at least two heads in our house.

So, mom, I put the garlic in.  You’re right.  It really does add a lot.

I call this dish “Not Chinese Takeout” because it tastes exactly like my favorite Broccoli and Tofu in brown sauce.  Only it’s made in my own kitchen.  Wherever that may be.

I’ve been looking for the perfect chinese take out recipe for a while.  While I’ve tried some good ones, sweet and sour tofu recipes mostly, they didn’t recreate my chinese take out.  I realize that this is one of the most Americanized cuinsines out there, I’ve given up entertaining the thought of getting chinese in England, it’s a rather disappointing experience, but I feel like mine is special.  Mine tastes the best.

Here’s the great thing about it, you can put WHATEVER (yes, caps were required), you want into it.  I added mushrooms, because I love mushrooms, and one time I even subbed out the broccoli for bok choy.  Instead of rice, which I’m not a huge fan of, I serve mine over spelt berries.


The original recipe from Food 52 tells you to prepare everything seperately, but I find that you can easily cook it in a single pan.  I just heat up some sesame oil (do not substitute this, it gives everything so much flavor) in a frying pan, toss in my tofu, mushrooms and other vegetables.  Sauté those for a few minutes, add the soy sauce, broth and vinegar (I use white wine vinegar and leave out the honey), let reduce for a few minutes.  Then, simply stir in some cornstarch and enjoy.

It’s simple and, dare I say it, possibly even simpler than ordering chinese?  Certainly healthier.  And there’s no annoying moment when all they have on the menu is chicken satay.  Sorry, but, ew.

What’s your favorite take out?  Have you ever tried to make it at home?


3 thoughts on “Garlic and Keeping to your Roots

  1. Georgia @ The Comfort of Cooking

    You can never have enough garlic! My favorite takeout is also Chinese food, but I’ve still never been brave enough to try if for myself, apart from the occasional stir fry. Your dish looks absolutely delicious and what a treat to be able to prepare it for yourself now! I’m so glad to have found your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Emilia Post author

      Thank you! I was quite surprised how quick this dish was myself, you should definitely try it some time (though take out Chinese is always kind of more fun isn’t it?). Personally, I’m never that good at making stir fries, all that cutting! 🙂

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