The Chocolate Chip Cookie

The first thing I ever baked on my own was a chocolate chip cookie.  My mother was away visiting a friend, my dad didn’t like cracking eggs and I wanted chocolate chip cookies (of course).  In a bout of determination I scoured the web for a recipe.  Finally I unveiled the winner on, I believe they were called soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies.

As they say, the rest is history.

Growing up, my mother made chocolate chip cookies with a recipe from a reproduction of Betty Crocker’s Cooky Book.  Despite the weird name, it was a joy to look through.  Each page was decorated with vintage photographs of colorful cookies and each recipe had an amusing little description.  I loved it.

One thing I did not love, however, was the chocolate chip cookie recipe.  They were flat, thin cookies and the chips were always raised up like little bumps on the surface.  Sure, they were good straight out of the oven while they were still soft and chewy, but the next day they were thin, crispy and dull.

I knew thick and chewy chocolate chip cookies existed, other people seemed to be able to make them.  Thus, it had to be possible to create the magic in my own kitchen.  So, that fateful day, I set out on a recipe to find my ideal chocolate chip cookie and I haven’t looked back since.

Today, I’m showing you a new chocolate chip cookie recipe.  This isn’t the one I made all those years ago (okay, it was only, like, four years ago?  still feels long to me), but I think it might be better.  These cookies are chewy, with edges that crisp up just enough to give an exciting play on texture.  While they don’t attack you with their sweetness, the brown sugar (the only sugar in this recipe) comes through just enough, mingling with the butter to create a soft and chewy cookie.

If you use high-quality chocolate for these, then I’m sure they’d be even better.  I’m thinking that a 70% or even 80% percent might be nice.  Unfortunately, I only had Sainsbury’s Basics Dark Chocolate on hand and had to use that.  While the cookies were still good, if you got a large piece of chocolate they tasted just a bit too sweet.  Of course, use whatever type of chocolate you prefer the most.  I do, however, think it would be better to go with a dark chocolate.  Milk chocolate would fade into a cloying sweetness against the soft cookie base.

The recipe I used was from Form V Artisan and it was fantastic.  I look forward to making many more recipes from this site.

What’s your favorite type of chocolate chip cookie?  Crispy?  Thick? Doughy?  Cakey?

P.S. happy valentine’s day everybody!  I think a chocolate chip cookie would be perfect to celebrate, don’t you? 😉


6 thoughts on “The Chocolate Chip Cookie

  1. Thanh @ eat, little bird

    I think it’s essential that everyone has a good chocolate chip cookie recipe up their sleeve. Yours look delightful – I could make a cup of coffee right now to go with 🙂

    My favourite “traditional” chocolate chip cookie recipe would be Nigella Lawson’s from her book, Kitchen. It’s thick, not too chewy, not too cakey, just perfect.

    I agree with you about using dark chocolate. If the cookie itself is sweet, dark chocolate would be a nice contrast.

    I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

    1. Emilia Post author

      Coffee and chocolate chip cookie, that sounds delicious. I’ll definitely have to check out Nigella’s cookie recipe, I’ve been wanting to look at her cookbooks (and recipes in general) for quite sometimes and a chocolate chip cookie is obviously the perfect excuse! 🙂

    1. Emilia Post author

      Thanks for pointing out the article! I definitely would love to try my own experiment about chilling the dough, taste what kind of difference it makes “side-by-side”. Have you seen the new chocolate chip cookie recipe on scientifically sweet (I wrote this post before I saw the name change, I should probably edit it!)? It uses corn syrup and has a refrigeration time, I’m dying to try it!

      1. Melissa

        Naw I’m sure Form V Artisan is fine I just thought it would be easier to search for the book under the other name 🙂 I saw the new recipe the other day and have never seen corn syrup in a home-baked cookie recipe, so I’m looking forward to seeing what it does, too! (Also I’m a purist and I know that they don’t technically count as chocolate chip cookies, but if you’re an intensely chocolatey person, have you tried Dorie Greenspan’s World Peace Cookies? Drooling just thinking about them!

      2. Emilia Post author

        I love Dorie Greenspan’s world peace cookies, they’re one of the few cookie recipes that I keep returning to make again and again, though pretty much all of her recipes are amazing (I am not a fan, however, of her chocolate chip cookies, bit too flat for my taste. Here’s the recipe: )

        The only other time I’ve seen corn syrup called for in cookie recipes is in the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook, I wonder if the texture will be similar? Anyway, I can’t wait to try them. Let me know how they turn out if you make them!

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