Boston Tea Party: Park One

This post feels a bit over due.  Today we’re talking about the cafe that really introduced me to the glory of the coffee house fantasy.  The location where I managed to successfully write an Archaeology essay.  Boston Tea Party on Park Street, hence park one.  And not part one.

comedy may not be in my future…

When I first arrived at university I was faced with a barrage of dilemmas from things as simple as where to you find Q-tips in the drug store to things as complicated as where do you eat lunch.

It was a bit daunting, to say the least.  Of course, discerning how things work is a constant problem we face.  When traveling, when trying something new and even when going to a new neighborhood; you need to figure out where you fit in, where you feel comfortable.

Where do you eat lunch in Bristol?  At Boston Tea Party, Park Street preferably.

They have locations sprinkled throughout the West Country, but with four locations in Bristol—all within walking distance of each other—I think it is safe to say that we are at the epicentre of the mini-BTP empire.

Why does this “local” cafe have an empire?  Good question, let’s analyze.

I know I have previously claimed that, as far as cafes go, Kaffe 1668 is my favorite, but BTP Park Street is an awfully close second.  Dare I say, it may even tie for first place.

The reason is the atmosphere.  Take a Starbucks, remove the generic aspect and manifest the rustic/homey/intellectual mood the ‘bucks so desperately strives for.  Then, add in slightly better coffee, good food, an ability to sit for hours and warmth: you’ve arrived at Boston Tea Party.

It’s a typical English cafe in the sense that they don’t only serve coffee, but offer a wide array of food, including hot and cold meals.  At any given time you will find people studying, catching up with friends or having a business meal.   When I first sat down, it felt as if my university bubble converged with a larger world.

Have you ever walked into a cafe or restaurant and felt immediately uncomfortable?  Maybe everyone else looked super posh, or maybe the ambiance was a bit more casual than you were expecting.  That won’t happen at Boston Tea Party, you’ll fit in.

No matter what you are looking for, there will be space for you at the cafe.  Not only will there be space, but that area will help you accomplish what you need to do and even relax a little in the process.

What more could you want in a cafe?

Oh, a proper latte?  Well, that’s why I’m sticking with Kaffe 1668 as my personal favorite.

What attributes do you look for in a good cafe?  Is it a place to study?  Get good food?  Good coffee?


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