Weekend Happenings and Life Lately

My weekends normally fall into a simple little routine of work, walks outside, cups of tea and baking cookies.  I always aim to do more than I could possibly accomplish, but still manage to do get things done that I didn’t even remember I needed to do.  I like my weekends to be uncomplicated, yet teeming with mini-adventures waiting to be uncovered.

How do you like your weekends?

This weekend started off simply enough.  I slaved away in the library all of Friday morning and managed to read four cantos in Dante’s Inferno.  Call me insane, but I’m quite liking it.  Do I understand it in Italian? um not so much The English translation I have is excellent, though, which makes reading it much, much easier.

That first photo, you see, though?  That’s how I managed to celebrate getting through this week’s reading.  A massive veggie burger from BTP.  I cannot remember the last time I got food out, so that was much overdue.

There’s something that’s so much fun about getting food out; it’s a recurring theme from my weekend.

Saturday morning is my long run.  A long run for me?  Five miles.  Wait, let me rephrase that FIVE MILES.  You don’t see how ecstatic I was upon completing that distance.  All you see is that my legs are quite pale from a little thing called an English winter.

Not that we’ve been having a very harsh winter, unlike last year when there were a couple weeks when the temperatures didn’t even reach above freezing.  That being said, I’m enjoying the milder weather that will probably be ending promptly now.  Oh well, at least I won’t be tempted to frolick outside when I need to be indoors, chained to my computer and my books.

How do you cope with getting work done when the world seems to be beckoning you outside?

A very rainy Sunday morning saw yet another entry into my croissant search. Oh how marvelous the cafe was!  Please, if you ever find yourself in Bristol, do head over to Primrose Cafe for your Sunday Brunch.  I doubt I have ever been in a more pleasant place, a place that actually made me love the idea of Sunday brunch.  In fact, I think I could have sat at my small wooden table, drinking a cappuccino and reading my book for a good couple of hours if the place wasn’t getting increasingly crowded.

And now, here we are at Tuesday already.  I quite like Tuesday, it’s the most unassuming day of the week, forgotten amongst the dread of Monday and the almost-to-the-end-of-the-week hub-ub of Wednesday.  Sometimes, I think it is the routine days that we exist in our daily routines the most.

Yes, I think that is a very good thing.  Happy Tuesday!

What did you do last weekend?  Do you prefer to spend your weekends relaxing, exploring, catching up with friends, travelling, or something else altogether?


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