Gingerbread Graham Crackers and Working Hard

This time of the year has got to be the busiest for me by far.  It’s all coming to a head right now: essays, presentations, summer applications, year-abroad preparations, I could go on and on.  But let’s stop for a moment and forget all of the other things we should be doing right now.  Let’s focus on what we want to do.

That’s what I decided to do when I made these graham crackers.

I needed a moment to myself, to push aside everything that I should have been doing.  My personal favorite to place to take a break from working is in the kitchen.   Saying the baking is therapeutic seems a tad cliché to me, so let’s rephrase that.  It’s not that the acting of baking calms be down, rather the process of doing something that I love—something that no one will mark me on—that relaxes me in tough times.

I love graham crackers; they’re underrated little creatures, aren’t they?  Once I left after-school activities and summer camp, graham crackers got relegated to baking experiments.  Every time I buy a box for making something like s’more’s bars, I would eat one and wonder why I didn’t eat them more often.  Naturally, the box would then get relegated to the netherworld of the really high shelf on which the cereal is kept at my family’s house and I wouldn’t remember them again until the box had expired.

Growing up, the most exciting graham crackers were the chocolate ones, remember those?  They were so exciting to eat, I felt like I was sneaking in a bit of chocolate with my seemingly wholesome snack.  Well, think of these as sneaking in a bit of gingerbread in your seemingly wholesome snack.

To be honest, these are not, unfortunately, that healthy.  Yes, they do have molasses, which is rumored to have some mystical health-improving powers.  But who can keep track of these new super-foods that get proposed at a rate of approximately 1.34 new foods per month.  These babies are much more like cookies, laced with butter, sugar and flour.  You could even use some honey to make the proper version.

They are, nevertheless, delicious.  A bite less sweet and with a bit more bite than a cookie, while still giving the same comfy-feel.  They are crunchy without being dry or burnt.  They are flavorful without being too-palate dominating.  I could easily eat them with a bit of peanut butter or even gianduia.  In fact, I would do so gladly.

Did these fuel me through my essay-writing haze?  They sure did while they lasted.  Will they promise me dreamy marks?

Who knows, but I can give you a fun fact; they don’t have graham crackers in England.  Until now.  In my kitchen.


What was your favorite childhood snack?  Do you have a go-to study/work snack?


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