Weekend Cravings

Thirteen plus hours of traveling.  Possibly not my idea of a fun-filled Friday, but it’s worth it when I finally arrive at JFK and see my parents after two and a half months apart.

This weekend I’m craving:

A proper good Almondine Croissant.

Catching up on movies that I meant to see in theatres, but decided to wait for my next plane ride to see.  On a screen the size of a triscuit.

Baking in my clean kitchen with its big oven and my Kitchen Aid mixer.

Reading, reading and some more reading, without the threat of essays hanging ominously over my head.

Time spent with the fam’ not via a computer screen and a time difference of at least four hours.

A run through the park, not on the treadmill.

Not some irony.  Fellow New Yorkers, you can blame me for bringing over the English weather.  I seem to be a charm for mild, rainy days.

but let’s be honest, what I’m really craving this weekend…

is being home.

What are you craving this weekend?


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