Spring Break List

Apparently ‘spring break’ is one of my more rampant American-isms.  I may be able to stop myself from saying ‘studying,’ ‘cents’ and ‘trip’ but I’ll always refer to my month long break around easter as spring break instead of the easter holidays.

But here I am in New York ready to enjoy my month off from university.  Unfortunately, this isn’t a month off from doing coursework.  I’ve already spent time revising my grammar, reading Dante (ten cantos left!) and choosing essay titles  Let’s pretend that’s productive, shall we?

The first week has been great so far.  But there are so many things I have left to do.  There’s my birthday brunch at Locanda Verde.  Several new croissants to tick off my must-try list.  Plenty of fantastic coffees awaiting me.  I can’t wait.

There are some things, however, that are making me happier than others.  As always, I think Friday is the perfect time to share the things that have brought a little happiness into our lives in the past week.  Not to mention, reflecting upon the things we’re looking forward to at the weekend.

The best coffee I got in the past week was a lovely little latte from Third Rail Coffee.   Sitting in the window, sipping slowly, chatting with my mother.  Perfect relaxing moment.

Two new restaurants: Caracas Arepa Bar and Bread.  The first definitely deserves all the praise it gets, the latter deserves more (get the broccolini).

Croissant from François Payard Bakery.  Good, but for now I’ll stick with Almondine and Patisserie Claude.  And Petrossian.

A turquoise checked shirt from C. Wonder.  I have a feeling that I shouldn’t like the store, but I kinda love it.

Two and a half good books read: MWF Seeking BFF (go read it now) and The End of Fashion.  So nice to have the time to read and not just hurriedly flip through the pages over a quick lunch.

Runs outside.  Did my legs burn after the first one?  Oh my, yes.  Has it been fun?  Completely.

Playing with my mom’s old film camera.  I’ve taken about fifteen photos so far.  Who knows if any of them will come out, but it sure has been fun hearing that satisfying click and advancing the film with each new photo.

A memory-foam pillow.  I got an extremely overpriced one from IKEA, but I’m kinda in love.  There have been days when I just don’t want to get out of bed because my head is so comfortably.  Amazing.

This weekend, I’m looking forward to making some puff pastry, going on a bike ride and watching this movie.

Ahh, spring break.

Name one thing that put a big grin on your face in the past week.  There’s something, I’m certain! 😉


2 thoughts on “Spring Break List

  1. melissabedinger

    This is so funny, I just found the MWF seeking BFF blog – such fun reading! And as for your question, I booked the Eurostar to Belgium for my holiday!!…I mean trip? I mean holiday…

    1. Emilia Post author

      That sounds like a fun holiday! Belgium sounds amazing, I hope you have an amazing time 🙂

      I love the MWF blog as well, I always enjoy when authors have blogs associated with their books! It’s as if the books don’t finish once you’ve stopped reading.


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